I ditched my iPhone about a year ago for a BlackBerry Classic and
haven't looked back :-)  No nagging update messages, it does everything
I need a phone to do (calls, texts, email and some web). I have an iPad
Mini 2 for other stuff and it works just fine for what I need a bigger
screen for (navigating, banking, music, pics, web etc). And the MacBook
Pro for the big stuff.

The BB syncs all my contacts and dates with the other devices really
well and has loads of things an iPhone doesn't, like *expandable memory*
(holy mackerel) and a real tactile keyboard. Going from Palms to iPhone
in 2007 I didn't realise how much I disliked a virtual keyboard until I
left it behind.

And for the record, always go red squirrel - even though the bristles on
the greys are better.......



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