I've been looking into that and it seems that all Pentax cameras that have been tested recently have about a 36 mb/s write speed regardless of how fast the card is, though they can't write faster than the card will accept the data.

I got curious since I don't shoot Nikon, so I haven't been looking for write speed tests on any Nikon cameras.  Well I couldn't find a Nikon 810 tests, but the D800 tops out at about 39 mb/s, on the one I could find.   Doesn't seem to blisteringly faster than the K-1.

Using the actual numbers not my rounded numbers the Nikon seems to be about ~7% faster than the Pentax.

Now Nikon might have upped the buss speed when moving from the D800 to the D810, but it doesn't seem that likely.

On 10/10/2017 5:10 PM, Mark C wrote:
FWIW - I just ran some tests with my K1 shooting DNGS and it takes 27 to 28 seconds to clear the buffer. It probably feels like 5 minutes when things are happening, though. I'm using 64 gig Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I cards, rated for 90 mb/sec write speeds. The are much faster cards out there though I don't know if the K1 can take advantage of higher speed cards (or even if it takes advantage of this card.) If you really are experiencing several minutes of write time it may be the card.

Overall I agree with your comments. File saves are on the slow side and the AF point configuration leaves a lot to be desired. AF in liveview mode is very slow - verging on unusable when shooting macros. There's room for improvement to be sure, but still a fine camera.


Larry Colen wrote:
In many many ways the K-1 is an amazing camera. If all I did was portraits, landscapes and still lifes it would be damn near unbeatable, especially for the price.

However, for action photography, it can really suck donkey balls. The focusing is a huge improvement over the K-3ii, but the focus points don't cover nearly enough of the screen, especially if you want to place critical compositional elements at the "third points". Despite the improvements over the K-3, focus speed is still way too slow, especially compared to when I've shot a friend's Nikon 810.

My biggest gripe is the bus speed.  Did they really think that people would buy a full frame camera and always shoot JPEGs? I was photographing dance competitions this weekend. Things happen fast, unpredictably, and often in rapid succession, particularly when there is more than one couple dancing at a time. After about a minute or two the buffer will fill up, and then take something like five minutes to empty.  Once it fills up, it takes something like 30 seconds before it's ready to shoot again, and I have no idea of whether there's room in the buffer or not. I just have to press the shutter and wonder whether it's not locking focus, or just still emptying the buffer.

Gah! Every time I try to shoot action, I'm tempted to switch to Nikon. Unfortunately, there's about 15,000 reasons why I can't.

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