The bus write speed on pretty much all recent Pentax cameras tops out at about ~36 mb/s, maybe a little faster,  but closer to rounding down than to rounding up.

The claimed card speed of 85-90 mb/s is usually the read speed of the card.  Write speed is often less than half that, sometimes a lot less.

With a class 10 card you're only guaranteed 10 mb/s.  Most Sandisk cards are faster that that, but not all are.

I'd check to see what the claimed write speeds of the cards are, and not use any that were slower than the camera buss.

I wouldn't buy anything that had a write speed much faster than the camera buss either unless the price was pretty  much the same as for the slower card.

On the other hand if all your cards turn out to have write speeds faster than the cameras buss speed, I really have no other suggestions.   I keep all the lens correction and other in camera file manipulations turned off when shooting raw anyway, but maybe doing some of that will help.

Auto focus speed is another issue altogether.

On 10/10/2017 4:47 PM, Bruce Walker wrote:
Are you quite certain you are using a fast enough SD card, and is
there any possibility that you might have enabled any processing
feature(s) that could be slowing things up?

Even with the much larger 645Z files I have _never_ encountered
anything like what you describe. If I had, I would have switched
systems by now. Five freaking minutes to empty the buffer?

Try a factory reset and a known fast card.

On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 4:39 PM, Larry Colen <> wrote:
In many many ways the K-1 is an amazing camera. If all I did was portraits,
landscapes and still lifes it would be damn near unbeatable, especially for
the price.

However, for action photography, it can really suck donkey balls. The
focusing is a huge improvement over the K-3ii, but the focus points don't
cover nearly enough of the screen, especially if you want to place critical
compositional elements at the "third points". Despite the improvements over
the K-3, focus speed is still way too slow, especially compared to when I've
shot a friend's Nikon 810.

My biggest gripe is the bus speed.  Did they really think that people would
buy a full frame camera and always shoot JPEGs? I was photographing dance
competitions this weekend. Things happen fast, unpredictably, and often in
rapid succession, particularly when there is more than one couple dancing at
a time. After about a minute or two the buffer will fill up, and then take
something like five minutes to empty.  Once it fills up, it takes something
like 30 seconds before it's ready to shoot again, and I have no idea of
whether there's room in the buffer or not. I just have to press the shutter
and wonder whether it's not locking focus, or just still emptying the

Gah! Every time I try to shoot action, I'm tempted to switch to Nikon.
Unfortunately, there's about 15,000 reasons why I can't.
Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

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