Larry Colen wrote:
Mark C wrote:
FWIW - I just ran some tests with my K1 shooting DNGS and it takes 27 to
28 seconds to clear the buffer. It probably feels like 5 minutes when

Is that 27-28 seconds with a full buffer, or one shot?
Full buffer - about 17 DNGS in continuous shooting mode high before the buffer fills. After that its about 1 frame per second. A single shot saves in about 2 seconds - based on how long the drive light is on. A pixel shift image takes about 5 seconds though. But the full buffer clears in about 27 seconds.

things are happening, though. I'm using 64 gig Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I
cards, rated for 90 mb/sec write speeds. The are much faster cards out
there though I don't know if the K1 can take advantage of higher speed
cards (or even if it takes advantage of this card.) If you really are
experiencing several minutes of write time it may be the card.

Looking at three that happen to be out, all are SDXC C10 and the 95s are marked U3.
You might want to look up the specific card and see if you can get details re maximum write speed - I've been burned buying cards that appear to be very well spec'd but are still slow. For example - this card has a 40mb max write speed:

while this one has a 90 mb/s max write speed:

But the specs printed on the cards, which displays the read speed, makes it look like they would be almost identical.

Again - I'm not sure that the K1 can use the fastest cards out there - not sure where the sweet spot is.

- Mark

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