I'm disappointed, with it's name and origin I expected it to come in a can...

On 7/4/2018 9:37 PM, Daniel J. Matyola wrote:
I am not a wine snob, but I do appreciate certain better wines, especially
Pouilly Fuisse, Cru Beaujolais and Barbera d’Asti, or any decent Pinot
Grigio.  My wife hates all of these, and prefers fruity wines or sweet
wines like Asti Spumante.  She found this gem from right here in New Jersey
at Wegman's this week, so it was our Fourth of July treat.  You have just
got to love a vineyard called "What Exit Wines."


K-5 IIs, FA 100 mm Macro F 2.8
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Dan Matyola

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