actually, no... though thanks for the thought.
I had one years ago... I found it a bit of a PITA..   The flipout with the live viewworked for me with the Canon not just for the studio stuff but outside too..

I just have to figure out how to sell the K5 but not deliver it until I get the K-70 and I think this will still not be possible until December.
something to look forward to :-)


On 7/6/2018 10:48 AM, Jostein wrote:
Is a right-angle viewfinder a viable option?


Den 05.07.2018 23:41, skrev ann sanfedele:
It has me at the fold out screen.... allthe other stuff is nice too, but that fold out screen is something I truly need in my studio for product shooting without wrecking my already broken back.

I need to figure out a way ot finance this... will I get anything on a trade in with my k-5 body?

I looks like it is a bit lighter than the K-5 too...   and I see there are refurbished bodies out there.

and I thought the K-5 would last me forever...


ann sanfedele photography

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