If you have Ethernet, you can get WiFi at home by buying a WiFi router and 
setting it up.  Very very easy to do, and not expensive. WiFi routers run from 
about $50 and up, and are not hard to set up at all. Makes moving data to and 
from your iPhone a lot easier. 

Here's a listing of software titles for PC/Windows to transfer photos:


On Aug 15, 2019, at 8:51 PM, John <> wrote:

> On 8/15/2019 20:10:48, Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote:
>> Seems an awfully complicated way to connect an iPhone to the internet. The
>> adapter dongle is designed to allow USB peripherals (cameras, keyboards, etc)
>> to send data to the iPhone, not the iPhone to the net.
> I don't have wi-fi at home, so I needed a way to connect to my existing 
> Ethernet. AFAIK, Apple doesn't offer a direct Lightning to Ethernet connector.
>> To do what you want, without a jump through WiFi and the cloud, I’d buy a
>> wired hard drive and file transfer device to take them off the iPhone and
>> then connect that to the NAS through your desktop computer to move them
>> there. Easier and more reliable is to just use Dropbox or Apple’s Cloud to do
>> the job, which is what I use unless I just connect the iPhone to my computer
>> and transfer all the files to it (or a NAS) using LR or any image transfer
>> app on the desktop system.
> Use the camera adapter to connect directly to a USB hard-drive? Or I can 
> connect the iPhone directly to my desktop as a USB device?
> Ok, I'll search for that and give it a try. If I can get the photos to my 
> desktop, I can get them to the NAS.

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