…and musement musing…

            Peirce’s “The play of musement” is a beautiful way of putting
it. It is a portal to a way of opening one’s body soul mind to experience.
But what if, on entering that realm of spontaneity and freedom through the
“play of musement” portal, one begins to realize there are shadings of
musement as various as, for example, the varieties of signs Peirce outlined?

            And what if you allowed yourself to enter the realm of musement
and found your Indo-European or related noun-centered language left behind?
A realm where your noun-concept-God, could not enter? You have entered the
musement language world, alive in verb processes, occasionally stopping at
a noun here and there, but never lingering; alive in the wonder.

            In this realm you realize through energetic projaculation that
the Neglected Argument lies not in picturing Big Daddy Noun-concept in the
Sky, fixed and unspontaneous, but rather, as D. H. Lawrence put it in
describing Walt Whitman’s poetry, “lies in the sheer appreciation of the
instant moment, life surging itself into utterance at its very
well-head…The quivering nimble hour of the present, this is the quick of
Time. This is the immanence.”

            You conjecture that not only, as Peirce put it, “When we gaze
upon the multifariousness of nature we are looking straight into the face
of a living spontaneity” (Peirce, 1887, 6.553), but that you yourself are
participant in that living spontaneity. And there you find yourself, back
from the play of musement, engaging conjecturing, yet still immersed in the
living spontaneity.

            Gene Halton
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