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   It is not worth going further into why--unless someone knows a way
   to get around the disabling of Intelex CDs as a result of their change.
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The old InteLex CD-ROMs became unusable not because of being disabled by InteLex but because of changes in Windows. This affected many old CDs, such as those with video games, and not just InteLex. The InteLex CDs had searchable databases. The last version of Windows that can run the InteLex CDs is either Windows XP or Windows Vista. Windows offers compatibility modes, see for example . Maybe there are also programs purchasable online that would make it simple to run such CDs.

At the time of the InteLex's change to an institutional business model, I communicated with them, and they indicated that they would not just forget about older customers, so I told peirce-listers that if they had the old CD and had bought it directly from InteLex, then they should contact InteLex about being able to subscribe to the online version (despite not being institutions). This was years ago, I think it's too late now. I'll see what further information I can gather. InteLex's home page is at . Their C.S. Peirce pages are accessible through .

Best, Ben U.

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Dear List:

Fifteen or sixteen years ago, I had the Intelex Past Masters version of the works of Peirce, and often have reason to recall a passage where Peirce explicitly talks about the importance--necessity--of belief to the conduct of science. As I recall, he argued that belief was necessary because the scientist had to believe that the universe was reasonable, and necessary to believe that our minds were capable of apprehending that reasonableness; otherwise, there was no use in pursuing it. The principal point of the passage, as I recall, is that for the scientist, belief was necessary.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone might provide that passage. Perhaps it may be helpful in our discussions. Perhaps not, but I can't know until I see the passage again...

By way of explanation, unfortunately Intelex changed their method of delivering their product, and the CDs I got from them no longer work. See a partial explanation here: <>

It is not worth going further into why--unless someone knows a way to get around the disabling of Intelex CDs as a result of their change. The point is that I no longer have my former Intelex access to Peirce's works. That is why I am asking for your help in finding the passage referred to above.


Ben N.

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