On 10/15/2016 9:26 AM, Edwina Taborsky wrote:
Since I am rejecting a metaphysical origin [God] as the origin
of the universe, I stick with the Big Bang for now.

I agree with Heraclitus and my namesake, John the Evangelist:

Heraclitus wrote about the logos — translated variously as word,
speech, or reason: "all things (panta) come into being according to
this logos." The Greek concept of logos, which can also be translated
account, reckoning, or even computation is broad enough to encompass
all the abstractions of mathematics, metaphysics, and the sciences.

A few centuries after Heraclitus, John the Evangelist wrote "In the
beginning was the logos, and the logos was with God, and God was the
logos. It was in the beginning with God. All things (panta) came into
being through it, and without it nothing that has come to be came into
being" (1,1-3).  John and Heraclitus used the same words logos, panta,
and gignomai (come to be).  What they meant by those words, however,
has been a matter of debate for millennia.

As a realist, I believe that the logos exists.  To relate it to modern
science and to Peirce, I believe that the logos is the truth that is
the goal of unrestricted inquiry by unlimited generations of "scientific
intelligence" by which Peirce meant any intelligence that is capable of
learning from experience.

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