Edwina, List:

The only obvious contradiction that I see in your summary is between these
two claims.

ET:  the Quasi-Mind is a bundle of habits capable of habit change by
experience [Note: this rules out Firstness in this situation]
ET:  Form = 1stness

Why would my concept of Quasi-mind "rule out 1ns in this situation"?
Frankly, I am not even sure what that means.  On the contrary, Peirce
explicitly stated that "the perfect Sign never ceases to undergo changes of
the kind we rather drolly call *spontaneous*, that is, they happen *sua
sponte* but not by its will. They are phenomena of growth."  This sounds
like 1ns to me.  Furthermore, since a Quasi-mind is an Argument and
therefore a Symbol, it necessarily *involves *all degenerate Sign types,
including Rhemes and Icons, which are also manifestations of 1ns.
Remember, I only associate Form with 1ns where it corresponds to Matter as
2ns and Entelechy as 3ns; i.e., signified qualities (predicates), denoted
objects (subjects), and Signs that bring them together, respectively.  In
fact, I suspect that Peirce used the term "perfect Sign" with this very
notion of Entelechy (perfection) in mind, since he defined it as "the
aggregate formed by a sign and all the signs which its occurrence carries
with it," encompassing Signs from all ten (or even 66) classes.


Jon Alan Schmidt - Olathe, Kansas, USA
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On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 12:16 PM, Edwina Taborsky <tabor...@primus.ca>

> Jon - just a few of my concerns about your definitions - but - I'm not
> going to get into another endless debate. I'm sure you'll respond - but -
> we'll have to leave it with that.
> You have informed us, in this thread that:
> .Perfect Sign = a Quasi-mind
> - the Quasi-Mind is a bundle of habits capable of habit change by
> experience [Note: this rules out Firstness in this situation]
> - Mind=Quasi-mind
> - Agent= Quasi-mind
> - Utterer and Interpreter are individual Quasi-minds that become welded in
> the sign
> - the Sign = a medium of communication of a Form between them
> - Form = 1stness.
> I don't know if you can see the contradictions and problems in these
> definitions.
> Edwina
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