Gary R wrote:
>>For my own part, I tend--as perhaps Jon does as well--to see
esthetic/ethics/logic as semeiotic as being in genuine tricategorial
relation so that they *inform* each other in interesting ways. Trichotomic
vector theory, then, does not demand that one necessarily always follow
the order: 1ns (esthetic), then 2ns (ethics), then 3ns (logic). One may
also look at the three involutionally (logic involves ethics which, in
turn, involves esthetic) or, even, according to the vector of
representation (logic shows esthetic to be in that particular relation to
ethics which Peirce holds them to be in). But only a very few scholars
have taken up tricategorial vector relations. Indeed, R. J. Parmentier and
I are the only folk I know of who have published work on possible paths of
movement (vectors) through a genuine trichotomic relation which does *not*
follow the Hegelian order: 1ns then 2ns then 3ns.

This is very interesting, thanks Gary :-)

>>Indeed, with a  few exceptions, there appears at present to be
relatively little interest in Peirce's categories generally speaking.
Given the way they pervade his scientific and philosophical work, and
considering how highly he valued their discovery, this has always struck
me as quite odd.

I have found that presenting on these concepts to non-Peirceans in
seminars and conference papers can be very hard work. It doesn't make much
sense to people who aren't already thinking within Peirce's system.


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