Mohsen wrote:

> But himself solved his problem.
> with : mysql_query("SET NAMES utf8");
> Even 4.0.x


I decided to prepare two different versions for my software:
- A MySQL 4.0-friendly version using Romanizing method (Hats off to you, Ehsan)
- A MySQL 4.1-compatible version.

The code you mentioned belongs to the 2nd version.

" SET NAMES indicates what is in the SQL statements that the client sends. Thus, SET NAMES 'cp1251' tells the server “future incoming messages from this client are in character set cp1251.” It also specifies the character set for results that the server sends back to the client. (For example, it indicates what character set column values are if you use a SELECT statement.) "

MySQL Manual 4.1 -> 10.3.6. Connection Character Sets and Collations.

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