On Sat, Oct 31, 2015 at 6:50 AM, Michael Paquier
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> I know. We should normally begin the cleanup activity far earlier IMO,
> like at the end of the commit fest month to give patch authors a
> couple of weeks to rework what they have if they would like to resend
> something for the next commit fest. At this stage this seems a little
> bit too abrupt to just return with feedback patches without notice,
> this gives patch authors no room to submit new patches, assuming that
> authors were waiting for the patch to be marked as returned with
> feedback to move on to a new approach suggested by the reviewers.

+1.  FWIW, I'm willing to review some patches for this CommitFest, but
if the committers have to do first-round review as well as
committer-review of every patch in the CommitFest, this is going to be
long, ugly, and painful.  We need to have a substantial pool of
non-committers involved in the review process so that at least some of
the work gets spread out.  Expecting the 6-10 reasonably active
committers to handle all the review work for 50-100 patches is a fail.

This is not directed at you personally, Michael; you've done a ton of
review.  Unfortunately, you've been one of only a few.

Robert Haas
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