Hello Robert,

You know, you make comments like this pretty much every time anybody
suggests that you should change anything in any patch you write.

Well, not everytime...

I'm tired of doing and undoing things: I do a limited A because I'm cautious not to spend too much time that would go down the drain. Then I'm told "do A+B" to show that A is worthwhile. Then I'm told "you should not have done B with A, but submit A for the infrastructure and then B for the additional features", which was precisely my initial intent...

So this is really the going forward and backwards because of the process that makes me write these remarks.

[...] I don't like it when people call my ideas dumb.

Your idea is not dumb, I'm sorry if I have implied that, and I apologise. I like a clean history as much as everyone else.

Having to unmix features and documentations is still "dumb work", even if the purpose is not dumb, I stand by this word for this part.


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