Andrew Dunstan wrote:
CVSup is not required, and is absent from most existing clients. I don't use it any more since the Fedora project stopped supporting it.

..which is quite understandable, concerning the PITA compiling modula-3 gives you (or at least has given me, it still hurts).

The point you are missing is that, while we know existing buildfarm members all have CVS installed, we don't know that they have SVN or whatever, and requiring them to install it will involve significant distributed pain.

Okay, I certainly agree that CVS is much more wide spread and available than most (if not all) other VCSes. Let's change that ;-)

It will also involve some considerable localised pain (probably on my part) in rewriting the client. Right now I'm thinking it might make some sense to future-proof buildfarm by creating some sort of snapshot server. OTOH, if we avoid use of whatever SCM system that the project uses, we aren't testing that part of the process.

Did I mention that monotone is a very good snapshot server? *duck*

You probably don't want to reinvent the weel, as 'snapshot serving' is exactly what a VCS should do (among other things).

You're making Tom's point again :-)

Yeah, sorry, couldn't resist :-)

IIRC you don't need to be connected to the repo to run "svn diff", whereas you do to run "cvs diff".

Yes, in the simplest case of comparing against the immediate successor revision. But certainly not for: svn diff -r${FURTHER_IN_THE_PAST}, as subversion does not have that data available (nor does CVS, for that matter).

We know the warts. If this were a green fields project there is no doubt we would not use CVS. But many proponents of other systems ignore the downside of changing.

Well, I guess many advocates for other VCSes (like myself) simply don't particularly like to talk about the downsides... But they are probably more aware of them than most other people.

One thing I want to know is that whatever we change to will still be there, maintained and in widespread use, many years down the track. So far I am not sure about that for any possible replacement, with the possible exception of SVN.

That's certainly a valid concern, too. Probably *the* one where monotone is weaker compared to git and mercurial. :-( We are working on that issue, though.



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