Hello Richard,

you should probably have read the thread on the PostgreSQL -hackers mailing list I've linked to... at least you didn't make Tom's point ;-)

Richard Levitte - VMS Whacker wrote:
  1. Do you want to stay with CVS or do you want to move to something

Most PostgreSQL developers currently want to stay with CVS. Only some desperate souls including myself are fiddling with other VCSes.

  3. What would you want a replacement to be able to do?

That's being debated, with many voices saying: CVS (plus our own hackery) provides all we need. (And be warned again: as soon as you point out an advantage of your favourite VCS, you're making Tom's point. ;-) )

So far, I'm getting the sense that there are a lot of opinions on what
replacement system to use, a bit carelessly before having answered the
above questions thoroughly.

How did you get that impression? I'm currently *using* monotone for Postgres-R development, doing cvs_import and propagating to my branch. And I know others did the same already, too.



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