Bruce Momjian wrote:
Csaba Nagy wrote:
We have _ample_ evidence that the problem is lack of people able to
review patches, and yet there is this discussion to track patches
better.  It reminds me of someone who has lost their keys in an alley,
but is looking for them in the street because the light is better there.
Bruce, I guess the analogy fails on the fact that you're not looking for
a key, but for people, and I thought "better light" will attract people
to find you instead of you to need to search...

I believe the problem is not that there isn't enough information, but
not enough people able to do the work.  Seeking solutions in areas that
aren't helping was the illustration.

*sigh* Bruce, why is this so hard with you? Let's try this a different way.

In the beginning there was Archie. Archie was good but only people that were intimately familiar with its use got much benefit.

Then there was Gopher. He was cool, got Bill Murray to do really bad things to a golf course but he provided more structured information if in a strictly hierarchical fashion. Again it was used, but only by those in the know.

The came the World Wide Web. A fascinated World Wide Portal, with no map... It brought, Yahoo!, Alta Vista and Lycos.

All of a sudden, anyone could find what they were looking for and in the process more people joined the community.

The rest is history (and I think my timeline between archie and gopher might be off) but the point is, everything grows up and reach a point where they need a more structured, easy to find, easy to collaborate method of processing data. Any data, not just patches or bugs.

You are stuck in Gopher land, I don't know why but it is at is is. Perhaps it is type to at least jump to using Yahoo!?


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