Josh Berkus wrote:

Get rid of gborg and let's talk.


Actually, AFAICT, the only active thing left on GBorg is WWW. If we move that, we can shut it down. Any objections?

This should be a different thread *but* to my knowledge there is more than WWW active on Gborg. Or at least there is some data that people still wished moved.

Gborg needs to be shutdown in a scheduled manner. I proposed a schedule last year but it was largely overlooked:

My rather bold attempt to reach all people associated with Gborg was not met with positive responses either (granted due to a mistake on my end).,-Spam-and-hordes-of-geeks-Oh-My!.html

Why am I having to spend hours in Syndey saying the same thing?  Why
don't you guys go ahead and change things, and when they fail, I will
still be around.

You're acting as a majority of one, here, Bruce. The reason why any solution anyone else tries *will* fail is because you will refuse to participate in it. That's why people are trying to persuade you instead of just going ahead and doing it; you have the power to effectively sandbag anything anyone else does, so that's why nobody wants to put effort into it if you're opposed.

That pretty much sums it up. Bruce you can either come to the party with a smile or a grin. It is your party. If you come with a smile everyone will be a lot happier.


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