Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Based on our progress during this feature freeze, we will not complete
> > the feature freeze until August/September.  I think we need adjust
> > expectations about an 8.3 release date, and decide if we want to
> > radically change our work process.
> > 
> > Basically, to make a release anywhere near July, we need 10x more
> > progress than we have had, which is unlikely.
> Or we have another short release cycle, basically accepting what we have 
> now that can be worked through in the next 3 weeks and committed. If it 
> can't be done in that time, it waits. Then we have beta etc...

That is not fair to patch submitters, and pushes the problem to 8.4,
where it will be no better.

> > We could ship what is in CVS now, but that just pushes the patches for
> > 8.4, and isn't fair to patch submitters.  We could shove what we have
> > now into CVS, but that is unwise.
> Sure it is, if we have a short release cycle. There are plenty of things 
> out there that are not quite ready yet, that could be if we released 
> again next January...

Huh, you didn't answer my issue about unfair.

> > The question is whether it is healthy for us to remain in feature freeze
> > for months, and if it is unhealthy, what are our options?
> > 
> > Patch status:
> > 
> >
> If... this is actually a problem (I leave to other committers and 
> reviewers to comment) then I suggest we push all patches without a 
> reviewer as of now to 8.4.
> Leaving only those patches that have confirmed reviewers to be worked 
> through.
> FYI, whoever did that Todo:Patch status, Bravo! That is easily one of 
> the smallest but best improvements to the process I have seen in recent 
> memory.

Fairness and not pushing our problems out to the future --- address
those issues.

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