"Bruce Momjian" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Joshua D. Drake wrote:
>> Bruce Momjian wrote:
>> > Based on our progress during this feature freeze, we will not complete
>> > the feature freeze until August/September.  I think we need adjust
>> > expectations about an 8.3 release date, and decide if we want to
>> > radically change our work process.
>> > 
>> > Basically, to make a release anywhere near July, we need 10x more
>> > progress than we have had, which is unlikely.
>> Or we have another short release cycle, basically accepting what we have 
>> now that can be worked through in the next 3 weeks and committed. If it 
>> can't be done in that time, it waits. Then we have beta etc...
> That is not fair to patch submitters, and pushes the problem to 8.4,
> where it will be no better.

It's nice to be fair but it's not really the goal here.

However I think the latter point is key. This *was* a short release cycle. If
we push off these patches to later there's no reason to think the situation
will be any different in a few months.

I suspect as much as Tom finds reviewing boring he would rather get it out of
the way and then have a chance to do development before more major patches
arrive than start the new cycle with major patches sitting in the review queue
and spend the whole cycle reviewing them.

As much as I hate that the patches sit in the queue until feature freeze
there's nothing else that will really force us to make a yea or nay decision
on them. If we start the next release with things in the patch queue they're
liable to sit there with no feedback for months again.

I think the key here is to give feedback for the authors but not allow the
time to respond to that feedback to grow. If you review a patch and find
problems with it and there's only three weeks for the author to deal with
those problems and it's not enough time then he can deal with them and submit
it for next release. But letting the patch ride over without giving any
feedback just seems pointless.

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