Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> > 
> > >> I suggest "redirect_logs", although it's arguably too general as it 
> > >> doesn't apply to syslog/eventlog.
> > >
> > > Perhaps it should be named analogously to stats_start_collector,
> > > ie think of the syslogger process as a "log collector".  I don't
> > > much like "log_start_collector" though --- "start_log_collector"
> > > seems far less confusing as to where the verb is.
> > 
> > Nobody else seems to care much. I'll go with "start_log_collector".
> Are we trying to use log_* prefixes, e.g. log_start_collector?

That sounds like you want to log when the collector starts, which is not
the case and is confusing -- what collector is it talking about?  This
is about starting the log collector.

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