On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 03:17, matt wrote:
> > Are you *sure* about that????  3K updates/inserts per second xlates
> > to 10,800,000 per hour.  That, my friend, is a WHOLE HECK OF A LOT!
> Yup, I know!  
> > During the 1 hour surge, will SELECTs at 10 minutes after the 
> > hour depend on INSERTs at 5 minutes after the hour?
> Yes, they do.  It's a payments system, so things like account balances
> and purchase histories have to be updated in real time.
> > Only one hour out of 168?????  May I ask what kind of app it is?
> Online voting for an unnamed TV show...
> > > If the best price/performance option is a second hand 32-cpu Alpha
> > > running VMS I'd be happy to go that way ;-)
> > 
> > I'd love to work on a GS320!  You may even pick one up for a million
> > or 2.  The license costs for VMS & Rdb would eat you, though.
> You'd be amazed how little they do go for actually :-)

Then that's what I'd do.  VMS, Rdb, (your favorite 3GL language).
Presumably the SELECT statements will be direct lookup instead
of range retrieval?  If so, then I'd create a *large* amount of
so that the index nodes are on the same page as the corresponding
tuples.  Thus, 1 disk I/O gets both the relevant index key, plus 
the tuple.  (Each I/O reads 3 pages into GBs [Global Buffers], so
that if a later statement needs a records nearby, it's already in

With fast storage controllers (dual-redundant, with 512MB each)
you could even use RAID5, and your app may not even know the diffie.
Of course, since the requirements are *so* extreme, better still
stick to RAID10.

I know that a certain pharmaceutical company had a similar situation,
where test results would flood in every morning.  A certain North-
eastern US wireless phone company needed to record every time every
phone call was started and stopped.

The technique I described is how both of these high-volume apps
solved The Need For Speed.

With VMS 7.3 and Rdb 7.1.04 and, oh, 16GB RAM, a carefully crafted
stored procedure run an hour or 2 before the show could pull the
necessary 5GB slice of the DB into GBs, and you'd reduce the I/O
load during the show itself.

Sorry it's not PostgreSQL, but I *know* that Rdb+VMS could handle
the task...

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