what if you want to have side by side two different themes to compare the best icons

This is a valid concern, but I do not understand how this would work if the only thing you pass in iconName: is just one symbol:

act: aBlock iconName: *aSymbol* entitled: aString

So there needs to be a lookup. This lookup will depend on the current icon theme. So, you could open on window with one theme, switch the theme and then open another window. Or did I misunderstand something?

The idea is that all the tools: should have an iconProvider and not a global lookup (even if the lookup can access a global)

My idea was that we leave the public API of Glamour to be:

act: aBlock icon: *aSymbolOrForm* entitled: aString

and then if you want to play with things, you can also explicitly pass one icon or another (beside relying on the default lookup behavior).

What do you think?
I would like to avoid clients to use Symbol >> asIcon it can be an internal implementation.


In this way we do not have to change the external interface, and only the internal implementation has to send an “asIcon” before using it?


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I'm adding

act: aBlock iconName: aSymbol entitled: aString
   self act: aBlock icon: (self iconNamed: aSymbol) entitled: aString


act: aBlock iconName: aSymbol on: aCharacter entitled: aString
self act: aBlock icon: (self iconNamed: aSymbol) on: aCharacter entitled: aString

and others ....

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