I started to enhance GLMAction that way

(GLMGenericAction new)
                title: 'Cut';
                action: [ :aPresentation |
                    aPresentation cut ];
                iconName: #smallCutIcon;
                shortcut: $x;

Le 12/10/16 à 20:33, stepharo a écrit :

Le 12/10/16 à 20:09, Denis Kudriashov a écrit :

2016-10-12 20:06 GMT+02:00 stepharo <steph...@free.fr <mailto:steph...@free.fr>>:

    In fact I do not really like iconNamed: as a name for a setter
    (for menu items and settings)
    May be it should be iconSelector: or buildIconNamed:
    because else we  will confuse iconNamed: which returns an icon
    and iconNamed: that just sets the selector to retrieve the selector.

    What do you think?

maybe #icon*Name:?*

*I see yes. I will think and change again all my fixes.

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