Are you using the test_pop3.php file that you showed
me with the script that handles the bounced emails?

If so, could you please show me a basic example of it
working with it?

My return_path is set as an email alias.  (not a real
address at the domain)  ....

So that bounces to the 'root' email account.  But if
you could show me a basic example I could work with

Coz I'll run a script to talk to the database and flag
the account in question.

I looked at the code but there is nothing in there
that defines from: or anything.  Another way I was
thinking if there was a way to look in the $body of
the email for an email address....

I thought perg_match would do something like that but
maybe not?

Is there a PHP matching function/command?  So it
coulds search for '@' in the email $body and skip the



That's tricky. What I do is to have a catch-all
mailbox for my site 
domain. So, every message sent to a mailbox that does
not really exist 
will be dropped in that catch-all mailbox.

When I send messages to each user, I make the return
path address be 
to something like [EMAIL PROTECTED] .

For instance, messages sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] by
the PHP Classes 
site, will have the return path set to 

Since these address really do not exist, they will be
dropped in the 
catch-all mailbox for that domain. So, all I need to
do is to run a 
script that polls the POP3 mailbox of my catch-all
account and parse 
To: address of the bounced messages to figure the
subscriber address 
that is bouncing. Not all bounce message will have the
To: address set 
correctly. The remaining message should be ignored.

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