Okay removed "value" and have this now:

---some code---

echo "<Form Action='pop_update.php' METHOD='POST'
echo "<textarea name='headers' cols='250'
echo "<input name='submit' type='submit'

---some code---

What does this do?  Well I added <PRE> and </PRE> for
a testing purpose.

It returns in the textarea <PRE></PRE> ...

So it's skipping the HtmlSpecialChars code.  Why?

Okay if I have this:

---some more code---

echo "<Form Action='pop_update.php' METHOD='POST'
echo "<textarea name='headers' cols='250'
echo "<input name='submit' type='submit'

---some more code---

It returns in the textarea the following:


So it appears to display if I don't use ",<code>,".  I
guess there is no easy way to define $headers to
diaply the entire headers when it's used?

I quote you:


Text areas do not take any value attributes.


Well they do... If I use value="whatever" it returns
that in the box.  (well did for me)

I posted on another board regarding the issue and they
told me to contact the author of the script.  (which
is you I believe)

They also seeked some sniplets which I sent onto them
and they said ti SHOULD work.  But I only gave them a
sniplet of it and gave them the url for the script. 
They believe something is blocking the break out from
the textarea so when you break out of it to use a
function it returns nothing.  But if you don't break
out and use $headers it returns a value.  Please check
the script and see if there is something blocking a
breakout.  I'll look into this though, it seems odd to
me but I suggest you contact the author as they would
know the problem. (hence they wrote it)

If the author fails to help let me know, I'll look
into it.  But 9 times out of 10 they will assist
unless they have copied it off somewhere or don't have
alot of time.

He than went on about some things than ended with... 
It only looks like a simple thing, you've probably
done some miss typing so should only take a few
minutes to find the error and might only be in your
form so ask the author.

I am continuely replying to their comments to resolve
this problem.  But they keep insisting me to contact
the author.

Anyways since they claim it's something easy or miss
typed I think $4 or $5 is applicable to fix this.  Not
a job many would expect payment from I am sure. 
Probably a 30 second job, that is why I posted here. 
Not as if I need something high techy.

When I first posted you directed me to the pop3.  Yes
I grabbed it.. Got some more help off you.  Did some
work to get a database setup and test against my live
database for a match.  Yep works fine.  However I made
it so you had to type in the email address to get the
account flagged.  So I got it all setup but now I want
the headers to be displayed in the text box.  Like
it's displayed on screen for message 1.  But I can't
get anything like that in the text box.  Since the
return is an array and seems to ignore the other code.

I have continuely followed up because you said you use
this method to handle bounced emails for your mailing
list.  So obviously you use it somehow or another or a
different method but your sending data to a database
with the bounced email and handling it.  SO how are
you getting it here via a form? What info are you
using to get the form to understand it.

As I said before credit is given for all work with
author, web address for script etc.  That results in a
much better return than $4 or $5 will.



This does not make sense. You need to understand what
you are doing.

Text areas do not take any value attributes. The text
that will show 
must be entered between <textarea></textarea>

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