Change this:

echo "<textarea name='headers' cols='250'


echo "<textarea name='headers' cols='250'

Which should display.

I tried this a few days ago.  All it outputs is the
"PRE" HTML tags.  even replacing the ',' with '.' .

That's what I thought would need to be done to get it
to work.  But it won't display it however it displays
in in plain text out of the box.

Feel free to download and try the script yourself. 
You can find the address from my previous posts on
this message board.  Something is obviously blocking
it for going into a text box as someone mentioned once

The author is refusing to help maybe because the
author does not know a fix.  Which is odd, they wrote
the script and claim they use a similar method to
handle their mailing list bounces.  Doubtful.

Anyways, I have been redirected to try using "SMTP"
connection.  Does anyone know much about this usage?


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