On 12/22/2003 12:13 PM, Jerry wrote:
You just need to call the RetrieveMessage function
that returns the headers of each message and then look for the To:

Ummm, why can't you give me a working code that grabs
the headers and put it into a textarea?

Hey, I can tell you how to fish, but it needs to be the one that will fish for yourself. Meaning, I have given you enough information for you to take the class and do what you need it to do.

If you are having difficulties, maybe you just ask for help probably paying for the work. Sorry, I can't help you now, but here you may find solve your problem.


echo "<Form Action='pop_update.php' METHOD='POST'
echo "<textarea name='headers' cols='250' rows='5'
echo "<input name='headers' type='text'
echo "<input name='submit' type='submit'

Results in the form area being blank.

Replacing 'HtmlSpecialChars' with 'RetrieveMessage'
comes back with an error saying it's not deinfed on
line blah....

This does not make sense. You need to understand what you are doing.

Text areas do not take any value attributes. The text that will show must be entered between <textarea></textarea>


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