You just need to call the RetrieveMessage function
that returns the 
headers of each message and then look for the To:


Manuel Lemos

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Ummm, why can't you give me a working code that grabs
the headers and put it into a textarea?  

echo "<Form Action='pop_update.php' METHOD='POST'
echo "<textarea name='headers' cols='250' rows='5'
echo "<input name='headers' type='text'
echo "<input name='submit' type='submit'

Results in the form area being blank.

Replacing 'HtmlSpecialChars' with 'RetrieveMessage'
comes back with an error saying it's not deinfed on
line blah....

(which results back to the form line)

But having the first code results in no errors, but a
blank box.  But why does it work outside the box fine
as plain text?

All I need is the code that actually shows up into a
textarea or a simple input text box.  Code would be
ideal as I can't figure this out ... I can get it to
output fine in plain text but when I try a form it
does nothing.

Another way I tried which I can't remember what I did
now returned an array response.  

I'm not worried about sifting through and finding the
To: address.  I know how to do this.  I have the
database setup to handle that.  Just can't seem to get
the headers in a form box, that's all I require than
it's all done.

Just a small bit of code is stopping sucess. otherwise
I'll opt to another method of handling this, probably
end up more complicated but I was told that this way
would be pretty easy but can't seem to get you to show
a working text area displaying the text.

What I can't understand is why can't a simple bit of
code show the same results in a text box than in plain
text?  Something is stopping it, but does not seem to
be a error because no error is outputed.  Unless some
errors are not displayed?

Anyways... I'm at the stage at throwing all the code
in because of this problem.  I've spent a week or so
on it.  I could of got a Mailing List and do it all
that way and handle all bounces but thought I'd try a
way that at least I could run it the way I want it to
run that adapts to my database instead of using one
all setup to run on a certain database structure which
I'd have to work right through to edit to get to work
with mine.  

Thanks to those people that have assisted me, please
reply to this thread to this board though so everyone
is aware of what you suggest etc.  So than we don't
get multiple ideas floating my way.  All is
appreicated. :)  And thanks again, credit on the site
I am working this with will be given to all sucessful
help as I do on all my sites.

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