Actually I start a PHP script from the cron task that
runs every 5 
minutes using PHP CGI executable version. I just
process upto 100 
bounced messages per run avoid hogging the database
server and blocking 
the POP3 mailbox for a long time, as this is not a
prioritary task.

Right, how do you get the address from the bounced
email into the query?

I know how to run a cronjob to update the database, I
use 1 cronjob for the site currently that does all the
tasks regarding accounts.  Ran every 5 minutes to do
updates, send emails etc.

I guess I could run a cronjob to go into a temp table
to log all the email contents than fetch the address
back and flag the account.  But thought I'd ask you
how you get the bounced email to be ran in the query
with the script?  I am guessing some modifications
need to be doen.

This will be the last time I email regarding this
matter to this list.  So no answer is fine, I'll just
run the long way about it.  But thought you could, or
someone, of pointed me in the right direction.  But
obviously your skipping my main question for some

Anways thanks for the help to date.  Thanks in advance
for any replies you give me also if you wish to reply.


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