Actually I just relised what you meant. :P  And that
would work great by having it like that.. Something
like this would work fine.

If the email bounces return it to

So I would set the sender as whatever I want and the
return_path as a way to identify the user?  Is that
what you meant?

That would mean I'd need a way to fetch the to:
address from the pop3.php, how is this possible?

At the pressent time I am doing everything manually. 
So I am going into the email and grabbing the address,
doing a search on the database and when found flagging
the account with abad email address.  Quite time
consuming when alot of bounces occours.

So an automatic way to fasten up the process would be
great.  I don't mind if I have to activate the script
manually.  Just be great to have things moving along a
bit faster than the pressent speed.



That's tricky. What I do is to have a catch-all
mailbox for my site 
domain. So, every message sent to a mailbox that does
not really exist 
will be dropped in that catch-all mailbox.

When I send messages to each user, I make the return
path address be 
to something like [EMAIL PROTECTED] .

For instance, messages sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] by
the PHP Classes 
site, will have the return path set to 

Since these address really do not exist, they will be
dropped in the 
catch-all mailbox for that domain. So, all I need to
do is to run a 
script that polls the POP3 mailbox of my catch-all
account and parse 
To: address of the bounced messages to figure the
subscriber address 
that is bouncing. Not all bounce message will have the
To: address set 
correctly. The remaining message should be ignored. - Yahoo! Personals
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