I didn't mean to start any trouble.

I may have seem a little heated, but it felt like a very quick negative
response towards my idea.

I have no personal agenda or gripes. I didn't mean to put down your MidGard
project, I am sure it probably fits the bill.

Whether there is a cmf.php.net domain or another site makes no difference to

I just have some CMF ideas (from my experience with other CMF software
products) that I wanted to share and collaborate to bring PHP into this form
of development.

Being an IA I obviously have my own perspectives and points of view I would
like to contribute and collaborate.

That's really it.

I want to collaborate with PHP developers to build a solid CMF on pure PHP
that can easily be equal to or better than the CMF by Zope

PS the PHP CMF standard (my suggestion) does not have to be XPC as is. I
have built and designed a conceptual framework. What code is used to
implement these ideas do not have to necessarily be mine.

The point I am trying to make is that there are options, many options and if
there are developers who like this idea please let me know.

PPS if you missed the "idea" (CMF conceptual framework) please visit


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> At 10:10 PM 7/21/2001 -0700, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> > > I actually think he has a point that we should strive to create one
> > > framework for PHP. This is very much like PEAR trying to give people
> > > framework/class solutions.
> >
> >If you had read my message you would have seen that I suggested it may
> >within PEAR.  He was asking for cmf.php.net though which I just don't see
> >happening.
> >
> >And frankly, looking at the quality of his site compared to other content
> >management frameworks out there, I don't see his being at the top of the
> >heap.  That doesn't mean it couldn't be one day.  But if you are
> >suggesting saying "yes" at this point and setting up cmf.php.net for him
> >and basically framing his system as *the* PHP content management system,
> >then please say so.
> I don't think we need to say "no" before the PEAR guys take a look at it
> and maybe discuss it in more detail with the author. I just didn't
> understand the rush of you saying "no" without waiting for others to
> respond and discussing it in more details. We might come to the conclusion
> that it's a lousy idea but I prefer coming to that conclusion hearing
> opinions too. We might come to a conclusion that if a zillion things are
> changed it might be nice to have. Or the discussion might spawn a new Pear
> framework.
> Andi

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