On Saturday, July 21, 2001, at 06:43  PM, Michael Glazer wrote:
> Hi
> I was guessing that was the reason when you first said the 
> JavaScript link.
> Why would I test it with Netscape? I wouldn't. Waste of time to 
> be honest.
> The president of Netscape told me that their Netscape browser 
> doesn't work.

Okay, is this a race to get into a bit-bucket?

How about, oh, Opera for OS X, iCab, lynx,  Netscape, Mozilla? 
(there are about 20 Mil
pissed off MacOS users just around the corner...)

You see, PHP is a language that is installed and used on a 
*very* large number
of platforms, many of which that IE can't even hope to support.

If you offered patches to PHP, to be applied if needed, or used 
closed source,
for win32 folks, only, that could help your product.

If your openly contribue your product to the PHP source, with the
understanding that it will *fail* on many browsers, for many 
users,  but were
intending on fixing that problem, that could help.

As it is, your source is broken, on at least 3 browsers. And you don't
seem to be opening it up for repair.

And you don't seem to intend to fix it.

How does it help PHP to add standards-damaging (or standards breaking)
code into the code base?

Can't you just add it as a layer to pear?


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