Your right.

Its no big deal. My tactics have failed. I'm beyond that I don't expect
anything else.

What concerns me at this point is the attitude of you folks its pretty
endearing and warm hearted to say the least.

I feel now, more than ever, a greater sense towards the open source

The sense of inclusion and participation seeps out of these emails that it
makes me want to stay up all night and code great new ideas all night and
give it to this great community....

Note: American sarcasm and irony

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> * Michael Glazer wrote:
> > I feel I want to yell and scream out, "who does he think he is?"
> Michael, _you_ want to "sell" something to the folks.
> Why should anybody of them fall to their knees and praise you
> for your idea/suggestion? If I look up this e-mail conversation,
> I only see somebody (you) who sells himself very poorly and who
> says "But mummy, I want to have my project on a sub-domain at
>!!!". You aren't in the position to clamour for something.
> You are in the position to sell your product/project in such a
> manner that folks say "Oh, good, nice project, let's
> give him a sub domain". If they won't (which I can understand),
> you failed your tactics.
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> [...]
> Please consider, thanks.
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