The XPC product site you linked to is the first version of XPC I would
customize for my corporate clients.

The newer versions of XPC are on

I am not trying to showboat.
I am trying to participate.
The reason I pointed out XPC is to display some ideals I have for a PHP CMF.

The license would be GPL, free to do as you please.

Its pretty late here (3:30AM). I have written a lot of docs on XPC concepts.
basically a object oriented approach to reuse code, create classes, class
properties, class attributes. These classes form objects that have their own
properties and attributes. The properties and attributes are values defined
by administrators, clients, members, and anonymous visitors.

XPC uses server side parsing (PHP) to create a highly structured facade
based on environmental variables and defined values by editors,
administrators and members.

Nothing is defined, everything is reused. To present unique and specific (or
shared) designs / file formats for every URI.

The SQL Schema contains 9 tables
Here is the SQL Schema for a generic XPC site.

admins, dirs, pages, products, properties, queue, related, members, and

Here is a related link to explain a bit more about the generalizing of data

Here is another sample link that displays the above unique content in RSS

This is an email I sent to a developer last week:

The project is a CMS that reuses code for multiple domains and subdomains
that are all pointed at one IPs folder.

Each domain has a unique database (or shared with unique prefix value).
Each domain can have clients, users, admins, members
Each member, user, admin, or client may or may not have a subdomain or a sub
sub domain below the visited top level domain or the subdomain specific to

What is needed is a abstracted framework that can determine the visitors
status (user, admin, member, client) what their appropriate settings are and
then their appropriate access for administration of their site. Also allow
them to sign up based on the current domain's settings.

I use wildcard settings on all domains being pointed to the folder that is
running the CMS. this allows for the use of sub and sub sub domains (i.e.,

Every uri_request passes through a "gateway" file (php script) that parses
the URI and includes the appropriate domain settings. it checks for user
authentication, user status, and the proper html output for the link.

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> > XPC is a proprietary product that I was hoping to open into the PHP
> > developers community.
> Open in what sense?  Your site seems pretty clear on this:
> says:
> "To purchase an XPC license, receive customized installation, or to become
>  invloved with XPC's development please contact us."
> > As I said it is a conceptual framework that can be implemented easily
> > with any type of programming language.
> >
> > Making a CMF for PHP is not dependent on XPC.
> > XPC is its own thing.
> Ok.
> > I made a class to parse every bit of every possible URI so that
> > every bit of every URI formation (from the protocol to file the
> > can be used as variables).
> Is this somehow different from parse_url() ?  (see
> Ok, parse_url doesn't split apart the path part, you have the basename()
> and dirname() functions to do that and a simple
> substr($str,strrpos($str,'.')) to get the file extension.
> > The other parts about web hosting and collaborative communities using
> > user group access is not new.
> >
> > My goal here last night was to present a conceptual framework similar to
> > that can be developed by PHP developers as a standard
> > framework (not reliant on root access or anything beside PHP and an
> > web server).
> Ok, but in order to present that you need to actually show us something.
> A design spec, some code, anything.  From my perspective I see a request
> for by a proprietary software vendour.  I may have jumped to
> conclusions too quickly, and if so, I apologize.
> > That was my only intention. I was also planning on making XPC free for
> > download on Tuesday the 24th of July... I have been very hesitant and
> > if I would do it.
> Under what license?
> -Rasmus

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