On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 11:57, Omega -1911 <1911...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Those were some pretty confident statements there. "You doubt the government
> would want to hack your computer..." Well, the U.S. tries to prevent over 1
> million attacks per day as documented and has admitted to having been
> breached more often than not... !!! But as someone who let's just say has
> prior knowledge, I personally would not want your password unless I needed
> to do some "social engineering" but rather hijack your connection to hide my
> nefarious intent.

    Is that how it works out there in Indianapolis, David Chapman?
Because, to the rest of the world, this whole diatribe just sounds
plain silly.

> No, your yahoo login info wouldn't be of much use, but your bank login info
> would be.... there are many who trade account info multiple times on private
> networks for a few dollars at a time. Your login and account info doesn't
> mean much to them, but a few hundred passwords can make thousands daily.

    Wow.  Good thing folks don't use their Yahoo! email accounts for
password reminders, I guess.

    Just.... wow.  Pfft.

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