Those were some pretty confident statements there. "You doubt the government
would want to hack your computer..." Well, the U.S. tries to prevent over 1
million attacks per day as documented and has admitted to having been
breached more often than not... !!! But as someone who let's just say has
prior knowledge, I personally would not want your password unless I needed
to do some "social engineering" but rather hijack your connection to hide my
nefarious intent.

No, your yahoo login info wouldn't be of much use, but your bank login info
would be.... there are many who trade account info multiple times on private
networks for a few dollars at a time. Your login and account info doesn't
mean much to them, but a few hundred passwords can make thousands daily.

Why not store passwords inside of programs like "snow"?

With your pc being stealth, maybe you could help the government with how you
do it?

Carnivor can do more. Trust me. Programs like "SamInside" create an
interesting computer environment as well.

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