On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 18:20, Omega -1911 <1911...@gmail.com> wrote:
> AHHH... Searching by by an email is REALLY what you call hacking? Oh
> wait, you said that with all your knowledge in forensics you can find
> people all over the world. Thank God for Go0GlE.

    Please don't top-post.

    Never said I was "hacking."  And yes, I did see that infinite
redirect-loop you call a website (well, multiple, since they all
direct there).  And again, yes, I used Google (among other things).
However, for the rest of your statement (which you didn't even quote
properly), you're confusing two different jobs.

    Anyway, you were the one who claimed I said your email was a lie.
Go back a few messages and you'll see I never even insinuated that at
all.  I meant your attempt to show your conspiracy-theory-driven
opinion as fact was silly.  The rest of it may well have been valid,
but - my apologies - I just honestly couldn't bear to keep reading it.

    If you're otherwise unconvinced that I had no intent on any kind
of arguments or personal attacks, or if you'd like to continue with
your agenda, please shoot me an email off-list, where it belongs.
Even worse than anything else so far would be the two of us clogging
up everyone else's inbox.

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