Most of my stuff is mingled right with the HTML. Heh. I guess I haven't
advanced to the all-code-no-html formatting. :-)

Mainly it's like that because I work with a team of designers, They make the
shell of the site, I then have to fill in the code. I'm sure many of you
will say y'all do it the same way but don't mingle your code. I guess I have
to figure it out.

On 8/24/2001 6:37 PM this was written:

> PHP can be extremely sloppy or coded extremely modularly.  I think it's
> a shame that
> most tutorials on PHP (and ASP, from what I've experienced) show
> comingling of code
> and HTML - far more than we ever do in day-to-day PHP work.  People get the
> impression that that's the only way to do stuff, and it's not.  It's
> often the QUICKEST
> way for small projects (I needed a quick contact form yesterday and
> built one in a couple
> minutes with PHP.  I don't think it would have been that painless under
> Java.)
> But we use PHP on some very large projects too - it requires you to
> plan ahead -
> but that should be the basis for any project, regardless of technology.  :)


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