>PHP can be extremely sloppy or coded extremely modularly.  I think it's
>a shame that
>most tutorials on PHP (and ASP, from what I've experienced) show
>comingling of code
>and HTML - far more than we ever do in day-to-day PHP work.  People get the
>impression that that's the only way to do stuff, and it's not.  It's
>often the QUICKEST
>way for small projects (I needed a quick contact form yesterday and
>built one in a couple
>minutes with PHP.  I don't think it would have been that painless under

Often I have found though that those asking questions are limited in their
ability to understand the finer programming methods though...

you give an explanation that uses arrays and functions and end up getting a "I
don't understand" or "why does that do that"...   and I consider those two the
bare essentials for working smartly with PHP.


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