I have a query that is pulling information from two tables, can I pull from
others as well?

u.province FROM resumes r,resumeHolders u WHERE r.userID=u.userID AND

I want to be able to pull the categoryID and the experienceID from the
resumes table and get the corresponding description from the categories and
experience tables, is this possible with something like this:

SELECT r.resumeID,r.userID,r.skills,r.dateAdded, r.categoryid,
r.experienceid,u.firstName,u.lastName,u.city, u.province, c.descrip,
e.descrip FROM resumes r,resumeHolders u, categories c, experience e WHERE
r.userID=u.userID AND r.categoryid=c.categoryid AND
r.experienceid=e.experienceid AND u.city='Kitchener'

Its getting to be a big select, not sure if it will work :)


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