He said:

> PS: The power of open source is not in the advertising... it's in the product, which 
> makes it all the more worthwhile.

I'm just waiting to see a PHP billboard.  I'm telling you, wouldn't it be
a blast?  I'd drive the long way to work every day just to drive by it
and tip my hat.  Or maybe be sitting in a crowded train station waiting
for the next train and hear people talking about the latest version of PHP.

Or a TV commercial like Sony laptop's latest, with the airline pilots and

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> Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 11:18 AM
> To: Manuel Lemos; Rasmus Lerdorf
> Subject: Re: [PHP] The future of PHP
> I attended one of your conferences / training sessions, the Linux Conference in NYC, 
> I have to say it was excellent, and certainly motivational. Through that one day of 
> speech it motivated me enough to get off my bum and start using PHP in our 
> for whatever we possibly could... and we have been pretty sucessful in the short 
> we've been implementing it. The ease of use, ease of learning, and overall excellent 
> design of the language has made it a pleasure to use... And I recommend it to 
> now, any one that is willing to listen to me blabber more than 2 minutes.
> --Matthew
> --
> On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 10:03:21  
>  Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> >> If you read my messages in the thread from the beginning you can see
> >> that basically the current problems of PHP in its acceptance are more
> >> with the people view of PHP than about its technical abilities. It is a
> >> known fact that PHP is very good for Web programming. The problem is
> >> that not everybody that could use PHP knows or is so sure about it. That
> >> is why PHP needs to be better marketed.
> >
> >Well, at least some of us are spending a whole lot of time getting in
> >front of people and showing them how useful PHP is.  For the month of
> >August I have seen my wife a total of 5 days.  In July I saw her about 9
> >days.  The rest of the time I was on the road and in front of people
> >showing them how cool PHP is or sometimes I was home and she was on the
> >road.  Just to give you an idea.  A list of recent talks and
> >presentations:
> >
> >June:
> >
> > - Conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil
> > - University in Lajeado, Brazil
> > - Large government institution in Porto Alegre, Brazil
> > - Linux User Group in Toronto, Canada
> > - Linux Expo - Montreal, Canada
> > - PHP User Group in Boston
> > - SoftwareLivre conference in Montevideo, Uruguay
> >
> >July:
> >
> > - Talk and PHP booth at LinuxTag, Stuttgart Germany
> > - Tutorial and session at OSCON in San Diego
> > - Seminar in Herndon, Virginia
> >
> >August
> >
> > - Seminar in Pittsburgh
> > - Seminar in Atlanta
> > - PHP User Group meeting in Atlanta
> > - Seminar in San Francisco
> > - Seminar in Portland
> > - Seminar in Austin
> > - Seminar in Minneapolis
> > - 6 hours of tutorials at LinuxWorld in San Francisco
> >
> >And the next 3 months look just as busy.
> >
> >The seminars were geared at semi-technical business managers and were held
> >in conjunction with Nusphere.  I also had an article in Linux Magazine
> >during this time.
> >
> >And by the way, this is not my job.  I do not get paid for this, nor does
> >my future in any way depend on PHP.  PHP happens to be the most visible
> >thing I am involved in and people assume that my life therefore must
> >revolve around it.  That actually is not true.
> >
> >If you don't think I and others involved in PHP development is doing
> >enough to promote PHP that is fine.  And suggestions are welcome.  But
> >telling us that we are sitting on our hands watching the world pass us by
> >without doing anything at all is rather insulting.  Especially given the
> >amount of time I have personally spent sitting on crummy airplanes in the
> >past year or two for the sole purpose of promoting PHP.
> >
> >-Rasmus
> >
> >
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