I attended one of your conferences / training sessions, the Linux Conference in NYC, 
and I have to say it was excellent, and certainly motivational. Through that one day 
of your speech it motivated me enough to get off my bum and start using PHP in our 
environment for whatever we possibly could... and we have been pretty sucessful in the 
short time we've been implementing it. The ease of use, ease of learning, and overall 
excellent design of the language has made it a pleasure to use... And I recommend it 
to customers now, any one that is willing to listen to me blabber more than 2 minutes.


PS: The power of open source is not in the advertising... it's in the product, which 
makes it all the more worthwhile.


On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 10:03:21  
 Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
>> If you read my messages in the thread from the beginning you can see
>> that basically the current problems of PHP in its acceptance are more
>> with the people view of PHP than about its technical abilities. It is a
>> known fact that PHP is very good for Web programming. The problem is
>> that not everybody that could use PHP knows or is so sure about it. That
>> is why PHP needs to be better marketed.
>Well, at least some of us are spending a whole lot of time getting in
>front of people and showing them how useful PHP is.  For the month of
>August I have seen my wife a total of 5 days.  In July I saw her about 9
>days.  The rest of the time I was on the road and in front of people
>showing them how cool PHP is or sometimes I was home and she was on the
>road.  Just to give you an idea.  A list of recent talks and
> - Conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil
> - University in Lajeado, Brazil
> - Large government institution in Porto Alegre, Brazil
> - Linux User Group in Toronto, Canada
> - Linux Expo - Montreal, Canada
> - PHP User Group in Boston
> - SoftwareLivre conference in Montevideo, Uruguay
> - Talk and PHP booth at LinuxTag, Stuttgart Germany
> - Tutorial and session at OSCON in San Diego
> - Seminar in Herndon, Virginia
> - Seminar in Pittsburgh
> - Seminar in Atlanta
> - PHP User Group meeting in Atlanta
> - Seminar in San Francisco
> - Seminar in Portland
> - Seminar in Austin
> - Seminar in Minneapolis
> - 6 hours of tutorials at LinuxWorld in San Francisco
>And the next 3 months look just as busy.
>The seminars were geared at semi-technical business managers and were held
>in conjunction with Nusphere.  I also had an article in Linux Magazine
>during this time.
>And by the way, this is not my job.  I do not get paid for this, nor does
>my future in any way depend on PHP.  PHP happens to be the most visible
>thing I am involved in and people assume that my life therefore must
>revolve around it.  That actually is not true.
>If you don't think I and others involved in PHP development is doing
>enough to promote PHP that is fine.  And suggestions are welcome.  But
>telling us that we are sitting on our hands watching the world pass us by
>without doing anything at all is rather insulting.  Especially given the
>amount of time I have personally spent sitting on crummy airplanes in the
>past year or two for the sole purpose of promoting PHP.
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