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> i write in php about 1.5 years. from the beginning i use macromedia
> homesite and i`m quite content of it. but...debugger, environment not

> optimized for php developers etc. so i wanted to try zend studio, i

> i`ve read this
> (http://www.byte.com/documents/s=6975/byt1013213009328/) article and
> now i look different on all of this. so - what`s your opinion - is it
> good or bad tool. should i try again or wait for next version?

Well I was hoping that article was interesting. It wasn't. I should 
have known when I saw the use of homesite as an alternative. 

The article had this one interesting line:

> Like many open-source languages, the biggest problem with PHP up until
> recently has been a lack of tools.

I guess knowledge and imagination doesn't count as tools. 

I could be wrong. I've been developing websites for the last 7 years. 
I still use TextPad (coupled with Perl, and UNIX/LINUX) yet I 
develop on a windoze platform with cygwin installed.

I'd suggest using Perl to improve your productivity which I assume 
is the real question at hand. Will Zend make your more productive 
than homesite?

Now I may be completely wrong. It's just that I've worked with 
people who use these GUI centric tools and they spend half their 
time in the air, waiting for their hand to move to and from mouse to 

Learn Perl, not to write cgi (god forbid, even I prefer PHP for this) or 
necessarily for mod_perl (very good) but just to generate code for 
yourself. Perl is an excellent tool but you can't get it with a GUI. 
You use text editors for which there is keyboard command for 99% 
of the actions you do.  If you already KNOW PHP then Perl will be 


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