On 17 Feb 2002, at 16:12, Chris Lott wrote:

> I hope we aren't going to get another chest-pounding "real coders"
> type of argument going here. Homesite *IS* a text editor. It provides

Yeah, my bad. 

> an amazing number of shortcuts to tasks, including mouse-based tasks,
> many of which I guarantee you I can get done faster with a mouse than
> anyone can typing. It also offers a lot of pseudo-time-saving features

Well, as you said, no point in arguing.  Just that I think if someone 
really wants to develop they should learn some better tools than a 
GUI but it's a question of balance. 


Despite considerable evidence that it doesn't work, many 
projects seem to rely on telepathy as the mechanism for 
communicating requirements from users to developers. 
--Karl E. Wiegers

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