> Well, as you said, no point in arguing.  Just that I think if someone
> really wants to develop they should learn some better tools than a
> GUI but it's a question of balance.

I think a definition of GUI might be in order. Homesite, for instance, is
just a big text editor. It has almost no GUI design features, drag  and drop
coding, that kind of thing. I think of a GUI as Dreamweaver, or something
where you are not using the code directly. Homesite and  the Zend Studio are
both code editors that provide the same kind of features as TextPad with PHP
libraries, clip books and syntax coloring files. Emacs, which I use a lot,
is in the same class (not GUI, I don't think).

I agree that with GUIs, by my definition at least, one should learn on tools
in which they are really working with the code. If they can insert the
skeleton of a control structure with one click or not doesn't impact their
development (either of themselves or their program) negatively.

Chris Lott

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