At 05:02 18/02/2002, Peter J. Schoenster wrote:
>Well, as you said, no point in arguing.  Just that I think if someone
>really wants to develop they should learn some better tools than a
>GUI but it's a question of balance.

That's quite an arguable point.  I don't code PHP but C++ and Java, and I 
can say that I'm much more productive using an advanced GUI (Visual C++, 
IntelliJ IDEA) than I am using a text editor and aid tools.  There are 
still things I do in a shell (diffing, grepping, patching, even tiny text 
edits), but to actually write big code portions, and/or refactor existing 
code portions, IDE's give you tools that simple text editors just don't.
Of course, it's a matter of habits and taste, but saying that 'someone who 
really wants to develop should learn some better tools than a GUI' is 
simply bogus in my opinion.  GUIs are better than text-mode tools in many 
ways, and text-mode tools sometimes get the job done quicker than GUIs.   A 
good GUI would address >80% of your needs, and you can fill in the gap with 
the tools you were used to.


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