My two cents.  I have been running the demo version since a day or two 
after it was released.  On Windows 2000 it has been solid as a rock.  I 
have not tried it on my XP laptop yet, but will soon.  

Zend Studio is really helping to make PHP 'legitimate' in the 
corporate world since it now has a great tool!  Home Site is ok, 
but not PHP specific, only color codes.

Matter of fact my boss was so impressed he is ordering 4 copies for our 
staff!  Nice job guys!


On Mon, 18 Feb 2002, Zeev Suraski wrote:

> At 19:53 18/02/2002, DL Neil wrote:
> >Zeev,
> >
> >Didn't experience any stability problems with the beta per-se, but using a 
> >Windows box was an exercise in
> >Unix-ification. Has the released version for Win32 seen significant 
> >alterations to the GUI?
> I'm not sure which beta you've seen, but the GUI is very Windowish (I use 
> Windows as my desktop OS).
> Zeev


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