Didn't experience any stability problems with the beta per-se, but using a Windows box 
was an exercise in
Unix-ification. Has the released version for Win32 seen significant alterations to the 


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> Chris,
> Stability improved *a lot* since the beta in December.  Remember, it *was*
> a beta release, and like most betas, stability was not perfect.  It's quite
> good now, and it also got a whole new (well, mostly new) code completion
> engine which is really revolutionary for PHP.
> I'm not objective, obviously, but in my opinion, the integrated debugging
> and the powerful code completion engine make the Zend Studio the
> environment that gets the job done in the quickest way possible, way faster
> than any text editor out there.  We also think a lot about keyboard-only
> users, so default focus locations and tab order, accessibility to all of
> the functionality from the keyboard, etc. - are things which we worked on
> quite a lot.  There's always room for improvement, but it's pretty good in
> 2.0.0 as it is.
> Much more is coming in upcoming versions - you guys are all more than
> welcome to provide feedback about things you'd like to see in future
> versions of the studio (www.zend.com/store/products/studio-feedback.php, or
> by mailing me directly).
> Zeev
> At 03:12 18/02/2002, Chris Lott wrote:
> >I hope we aren't going to get another chest-pounding "real coders" type of
> >argument going here. Homesite *IS* a text editor. It provides an amazing
> >number of shortcuts to tasks, including mouse-based tasks, many of which I
> >guarantee you I can get done faster with a mouse than anyone can typing. It
> >also offers a lot of pseudo-time-saving features as well, for which one
> >would be better of learning to do it manually. But it isn't a GUI in any
> >real sense as, say, Dreamweaver is. TextPad is at least as much of a GUI as
> >Homesite in that respect.
> >
> >I use both of these great tools a lot... none of them are the stigmata of
> >the under-developed programmer. People should use what they want, but don't
> >dump on everyone who realizes that clicking a button or using a keyboard
> >shortcut in something like Homesite or Textpad to create common HTML
> >structures or PHP control structures is always going to be faster than
> >typing them out by hand, no matter how craven a Notepad warrior one might
> >be.
> >
> >Zend looks pretty good in terms of providing what I like in a development
> >environment, particularly real debugging... unfortunately it was definitely
> >not particularly stable when I last tried it in late December.
> >
> >Integrated debugging, syntax coloring, function reference, keyboard
> >shortcuts-- these are all useful tools. TextPad has good PHP dictionaries,
> >Homesite handles PHP well. Homesite is STILL the only editor I have found
> >that enables an easy "preview through the server" mapping so that I can,
> >with one touch toggle between my editing and the live code through my local
> >development server, something that saves a lot of time vs jockeying between
> >windows with other tools.
> >
> >Not all mouse use is just waving one's hands through the air, none of the
> >programs mentioned are particularly mouse-centric.
> >
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